Tech venture capital by startup to corporate

Targeted. Checked. Involved.

Do not gamble … The classic venture capital (VC) - investment is oriented only to financial stocks: expected increase in value of the industry, valuation of other investors involved. Hardly any consideration is given to the technological performance of the individual company. The procedure: investing in a number of startups in an industry, accept the bankruptcy of some of them and compensate for this with «one hit». The goal: to get out of as many investments as possible after a few years with a high profit. Venture means adventure!

… but buy purposefully tested technology Our focus is completely different: we find the perfect technologically startup for you. Together with you, we validate it for your application in proof of concept - and that is the basis for your venture capital financing. Of course, one of the goals is to participate in the value creation that comes from your industry application. But the primary goal is to lead an innovative investment company to the benefit of current and upcoming innovations for your company.

« Once the proof of concept has been provided and its functionality confirmed, there is nothing in the way for a strategic participation »

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wenzel