The 5 Steps to your success

No matter where you're starting from: One step always follows the other. You have a tangible need or assume that your relevant parameters – based on the current methods – do not have much elbowroom. Your goal is to improve your product or your process by magnitudes and not just by percent. Superior, innovative solutions can be built with artificial intelligence – that is the expertise of startups.

And we know how to join businesses and startups successfully.

Collaborations with startups – the ultimate Turbo

Startups offer experienced workforces in the latest technologies – from different nations and from all over the world.

There are approximately one million startups in the world – this changes quickly and permanently. Thus, it's important to have good contacts in local and foreign networks in order to stay updated about what innovative and potentially «disruptive» technologies are available now.

« We improve your performance  by orders of magnitude »

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wenzel

Step 01

Strategy and Objectives

We look for the greatest improvement potentials via disruptive technologies: Where can processes be analyzed and improved, market chances be increased by lowering costs significantly, a higher differentiation from the competition via new solutions be achieved, etc. An estimation for using disruptive technologies is made for every field of search. Finally, we decide which disruptive technologies should be furthered together.

Strategic Objectives
New products and solutions

Strategy: Development

  • Insight in new technologies
  • Define potentials

Strategy: Implementation

  • Develop new business possibilities
  • New products and solutions

Tactical Objectives
Problem-oriented or technology-oriented solutions


  • Exact description of tasks
  • Define disruptive technology

Strategy: Implementation

  • Potential new technologies
  • Application in several projects (scalability)

Step 02

Finding the right startups

We look for the startup that suits you via our networks, founder centers, business angels, etc. We give you an overview of the companies that have the expertise and references in the required technology sector. Based on this, the final decision is made. You and your experience are especially important here because it is also a matter of instinct: Do you want to and can you work with this candidate on a partnership basis? Trust is essential.

Identification Search within the personal network

Fields of search

  • Define new technologies based on the task and not on the application

Search paths

  • Personal network/Internet
  • Specific countries and sources

Result: Longlist

Selection Talking startups


  • Compare startups
  • Status, check ability to supply


  • Practicability, scalability
  • Result: Shortlist

Talks with startups


  • Comparison of demands
  • Subjective selection: Are the partners' «chemistry» right?
  • Course of single project steps, contract potential

Initiate the project

Step 03

Proof of concept based on the pilot project

We define a pilot project matching the technology. When possible, we additionally integrate one of your clients. The outcome of the pilot project is the «proof of concept». This shows whether the system is really useable, if it meets the requirements, and whether it functions reliably.


Test site

  • Realistic, difficult conditions, measurability of results
  • Prospect for certifications


  • Financing, scheduling, legal conditions, corporate responsibility

Involving potential (end) clients


Working process

  • Regular review of sales, technology, project management

Iterative improvements



  • Comparison of requirement – result
  • Formal approval according to defined criteria


Step 04

Cooperation by integrating the solution

The finished solution is integrated into your corporate unit. This requires, for example, rebuilding, training or involving other parts of the corporation. Responsibilities have to be defined and new tasks have to be distributed.

Now, the contractual base is settled with the startup. A supplier relationship with development partnership and exclusion of competition is usually sensible at first.


Exclusive supplier agreements

  • Supplier relationship with development partnership and exclusion of competition


  • Minority participation is often recommendable

Handing over to corporate unit

Contractual regulations

  • Supply contract, development partnership, exclusion of competition, intellectual property (IP)

Distribution of tasks

  • Coordinating new tasks, and sales training, project management, and technology
  • Define technology transfer

Further development

  • Continuous improvement by developing the technology further
  • Using the new technology in other applications

Step 05

Investments for active increase in value

We support you in participating in a startup.

The advantages: With a seat on the company's board, you can influence strategic developments, have an edge on the competition in terms of time and knowledge and, as a co-owner, decide who may participate in the startup.

As a corporate investor, you benefit from their increase in value. The startup's value increases since you have given it a real industrial application. All investor share the costs when further developments are agreed upon – a positive leverage effect for you. Buying later is also possible.

Contracts and Decisions

Contractual regulations

  • Investment contracts, investor agreements, minimization of risks
  • Find co-investors and optimization


Active support

  • Representation through experienced investment managers on the board of advisors/supervisory board

Fair enforcement of interests and under consideration of the startup's independency

Increase of Value

Follow-up investments

  • Critically analyzed

Investors and business partners

  • Active search for compatible co-investors in the networks
  • Active support in the operative corporation
  • Expectation management

Support and patience

  • Startup support, multiply contacts in the corporation
  • Create patience and room to implement strategic/tactic changes in the startup

Tech venture capital by startup to corporate

Targeted. Checked. Involved.

Do not gamble … but buy purposefully tested technology.

Venture Capital (VC) supplies young enterprises with capital for further development. In addition to some strategic advantages, this financing concept involves a much lower risk after proof of concept. Normally, a VC investment looks at the startup's financial value: Typical value increase in the sector, type and origin of the participating investors, estimated market growth rates. The technological performance is in the partner’s environment not considered.

This is exactly where we come in: We find a startup that exactly matches you technologically and validate it with you in the proof of concept. This is the basis for your Venture Capital financing. When interest is expressed, we gladly support you with our VC specialists since this financial concept has its own specialisms. No participation meets more precisely the business objective.