Startup collaboration management as a service

A step on the way to digitization

The largest cooperations and some bigger SMEs have a startup center of competence.

We, startup to corporate, are your competence center so you will not miss the connection to the future.

« Artificial intelligence is not a target but a tool. »

Dr. Thomas Wenzel, startup to corporate

Tech startups have artificial intelligence solutions for your projects

startup to corporate as your competence center for tech startups offers these advantages:

  • We bring together established companies and technical startups and lead common development projects
  • Completely new solutions perspectives with disruptive technology
  • Access to the latest technology when it is needed
  • A seamless process from feasibility analysis to startup searches and proof-of-concept
  • Broad experience with successful reference projects
  • Worldwide network in the startup biosphere
  • DeepTech developments: Hardware plus software integrated

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« It is fascinating to save 80% of the costs and to deliver innovative service with disruptive technology at the same time. »

Dr. Thomas Wenzel, startup to corporate

Sensor monitoring of train tracks

92% Cost savings

When human lives depend on reliable transfer of control signals

50% Cost savings

3D Outdoor-monitoring of rest areas for trucks on highways

84% Cost savings

Low-Priced 3D monitoring of surfaces

92% Cost savings

Detailed remote analysis of machines

70% Cost savings

We let facts speak

Successful projects are the best reference

Do not miss the connection to the new technologies.

The gigantic perspectives of the new world with Artificial Intelligence are one side. To find exactly the right segment for our chances or problems from the very segmented offer is a qualified job.

Often, the first thing to do is to find the starting point: for every element, every process or hoped-for opportunity, the large field possibilities through Artificial Intelligence must be in the back of your mind during the individual analysis.

Here, some of our successful projects give you an idea of the breadth of applications - and of the fact that something tangible is created by us. By clicking on the picture you will learn more about the projects.

« How to perceive digital transformation as an opportunity rather than a threat. »

Dr. Ling Fu

Five steps to your perfect solution

Your product or process should be improved significantly. Our range of services therefore starts with the search for potentital in your company and ends with the integration of a new technology.

1. We analyze.
2. We get the latest technology.
3. We test together.
4. After successful proof of concept, integration into your process.
5. We optimize your participation in the startup.

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« AI is best delivered as a service because there is always something that needs special adjustment. »

Dr. Joseph Reger, CTO Fujitsu

Tech venture capital by startup to corporate

Targeted. Checked. Involved.

Do not gamble … but buy purposefully tested technology. The classic venture capital investment is oriented only to financial stocks, our focus is completely different: we find the perfect technologically startup for you. Together with you, we validate it for your application in proof of concept - and that is the basis for your venture captial financing. Read more about our TECH VENTURE CAPITAL »

« With more than a million tech startups worldwide, there is somewhere the best solution for you. »

How startups help mid-size businesses

Startups are incredibly creative. They like to work a lot and the latest technologies, often based on artificial intelligence (AI), stimulate them. Thanks to their strcuture, they are open and playfully cope with tasks. Thus, they come up with completely different, innovative ideas.

The fewest mid-sized businesses have AI experts in their team. And if this expert also has years of experience in this field of expertise - that would be like a real home run. This is easier to find among one million tech startups. However, even if the idea for a good solution came from their ranks: Are their resources fast enough? The new solution would be developed by the startup and your own people in joint effort.

Thus, workforces experienced in the newest technologies are likely soonest found in startups.

« A mechanical engineer can expand his product to a "software infused machine", but a computer specialist can not build reliable, working hardware for his software. »

Deep Tech

Deep Tech is a scientifically demanding sector of the latest technologies. Combining hardware and software creates performances that are significantly more powerful then either of the two would be on its own. Deep Tech includes the integration of hardware and software into an integrated, high-performance product («software-infused-machines»). Deep Tech is the major engineering innovation that expects exponential growth. Performance and type of hardware capabilities increase by an order of magnitude.

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